Our Story

We exist to build genuine relationships through creative arts. Our Hedgehog Dandelion art is a prime example of what has started this movement. In early 2014, our Founder, Erna Blooms, who was at the time still working full time as a Creative Director, dedicated this art to a distant stranger with a permanent RA disease to lift up her spirits on Instagram. This art piece gained Erna a new friend instantly. This friend has originally told Erna that she couldn't follow her due to this illness and she lives in another country. After witnessing the power of art in gaining this instant connection, Erna realized that she wanted to pursue a new journey by expressing her voice through conceptual art and sharing them with the world. Each of our art pieces was created with unique, conceptual meaning that radiates with a goal to inspire our minds and actions. 

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Hey, Everyone! It's Erna. 
For the first 19 years of my career, I've worked with some of the best creative minds in the fragrance gift industry and helped create products for established brands all over the world. I've always been curious and intrigued by people and their stories, and I love capturing precious moments by way of photography and art. In 2014, I met a full-time artist whose lifestyle I admired, and she helped me reestablish a childhood passion of mine -- drawing. With this reconnection and my experience as a Creative Director, I took a leap of faith and went for my true purpose -- to share the joy from my creative expressions and create meaningful relationships with as many people as possible. With the encouragement and full support of my sisters, I expanded my art collection and together, we started Curious Morphologie. Within a year, we showcased our collection to an audience at the 2015 Wistaria Festival -- our first trade show. (check out our event gallery). The feedback we received was met with overwhelming positivity and helped validate my new venture. I left my full-time career six months later to dedicate my time to Curious Morphologie. It has been immensely gratifying, to say the least, and I hope our collection inspires you to find that connection that leads you to a fulfilling life. Stay curious and stay open to your possibilities!


As of Fall 2015, Curious Morphologie has expanded into a creative studio. We are a team of talented and inspirational designers whose goal is to serve entrepreneurs in building their successful business and brands.  To learn more, go to our Creative Studio page.
In response to Covid-19 self-quarantine time (March 2020), we launched Blooming Aces Creative Club, interactive online art classes for kids to help parents get their young ones creatively engaged. We hold our classes via Zoom with live teaching by our Founder. Within 2 weeks, we are proud to share the joy of having served 17 students (and counting) with fun art activities. We introduce new art topic every week, and we are now also offering private art parties for birthdays, graduations and reunions. To learn more, visit www.bloomingacescc.com
We are currently working on our next level project, Blooming Aces Creative, launching this Summer 2020. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified!



Teamwork makes the dream work. 


We hope to inspire someone who may need a new way of thinking about a situation. 
"Is the glass half empty or half full?" can be viewed pessimistically or optimistically depending on the person's worldview. Thru juxtaposing two unlikely elements into one visually-provoking art, we aim to introduce a profound insight that is uplifting and hopeful. At Curious Morphologie, optimism is key. Each art piece is intended to inspire our minds when we're in a rut or if we're just looking for some motivation to start the day. Remember, conceptual art pieces aren't meant to only be appreciated at face value. There's always a deeper meaning with each piece, so dig away!
If you enjoy our brand and would like to contribute, feel free to email us with your feedback, ideas or stories to improve our offerings and expand our brand message at info@curiousmorphologie.com. Thank you.



Go to www.ourrescue.org for more information on fight against modern slavery.
10% of our online shop net profit will be donated towards this important mission
to rescue children in USA and around the world from human trafficking.
Everyone deserves a hope and another chance to live their fulfilling life.
We can make a difference each day. Thank you for your support!