Hello You Movement Starts Today


A Creative Act of Kindness

This is a movement started out in Costa Mesa, California to bring our community closer together through a gift of meaningful art, curated music, and fun food.

In November 2022, we started gifting our neighbors with 2 frameable art postcards, which they can either keep or share with family or friends. We also began taking these postcards to global conferences or community gatherings and gifted them to new people we met and felt connected to. They really appreciated receiving these art postcards as meaningful new friendship gifts. If you'd like to get these Hello You Movement cards and start this movement in your area, follow 5 simple steps at the bottom of this page and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

On Feb. 14th, 2024, we hosted our first Hello You Movement event called Afternoon of The Arts & Soulful Love to celebrate Valentine's Day with our family, friends, and neighbors. We had a blast and will be doing more themed events soon. Sign up to our Curious Morphologie Circle mailing list to receive your invitation to upcoming events.

Our family truly believes that creating a more positive community is within our reach. We are looking forward to seeing how this movement can make a difference one person at a time. Join us and help grow the meaningful connections that are within your reach. Thank you in advance for joining #HelloYouMovement. Tag us on Instagram @CuriousMorphologie with your story.


Hello You Movement

The last few years have isolated many of us from each other. What if there is a way we can bring our community closer through a creative act of kindness? Our Founder, Erna Blooms, remembered how fulfilling it was for her to connect with her audience in person during our first art debut back in 2015. After she moved to Orange Country, California in 2021, she really wants to get to know her new neighbors by giving them a personal gift of 2 frameble art postcards that her neighbor can keep and/ or share with their family or friends during this 2022 Holiday.


Five Simple Steps to Join

Step 1: Make Your Hello You List

Write down a list of names of people you would like to connect or reconnect with. Start with 10 names or more. Who have supported you the most in your life? Who might need a smile because they've been going through some tough times? Who do you want to surprise with a creative act of kindness?


Connect With Anyone You Meet

Curious Morphologie art postcards are great ice breaker and conversation starter. Check out our Hello You Movement package and learn our effective approach to help you build more genuine connections in your life.