Upcoming Concepts

Hey there! It's me again. I'm currently working on 5 new art concepts, which I'm excited to share with you below. Be on the lookout when they come out in the 2020, or subscribe to our mailing list to get notified. 

ELEPOT: Some of us may be facing relationship challenges, either at home, work or social circle, that we often would rather not talk about it. Over time, that silence grows into the elephant in the room that result in prolonged unhappiness (the rock we carry on our back). Elepot symbolizes an invitation for tea time to let the elephant out of the room and to have a courageous conversation based on love and respect with whomever we have challenges with and are crucial in our life. Believe that honest communication with caring heart will bring a fresh start to a meaningful relationship, not only to heal ourselves but also to strive together on solid ground.

CAT SUCCULENT: A concept of our adorable yet lazy pet, which we love as our companion for cozy time at home.

BUTTERFLY BOOKS: A concept of congregation of knowledge brings influence to center stage to impact community. I'm still working on incorporating the books to the butterflies. 

WILLOW HORSE: A concept of nostalgic memories of being innocent, wondrous, and adventurous.

DRAGON RIVER: A concept of honorable leadership with the powerful message of peace above the clouds, yet grounded to serve all people in villages from the top of the mountain all the way down to the river bend.

BOOK PROJECT: Our beloved Curious Morphologie characters will come into play in illustrated story book concepts for future launch. Stay tuned!